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Warriors circle

  • 1x 3 min round of Boxing
  • 1x 3min round of Grappling
  • 1x 3min round of Muay Thai
  • 1x 3min round of Stick Fighting
  • 1x 3min round of Knife Sparring
  • 1 conditioning drill of your choice.

After you have attended 5 warriors circles your round time goes from 3mins to 5mins

If you don't attend at least 2 per year after your intial try out you will need to repay your £15 instead of £5 per meet. In addition returning members will have to walk the gauntlet for 30 secs for each meet missed!!!


In order to 'try out' for the Warriors circle you will need to:

1 - Attend a minimum of 5 sparing classes between now and April
2 - Attend a minimum of 3 classes of each sparing area between now and April: Kali, MMA or BJJ and a boxing art- Panantukan, JKD or Thai.
3 - Be at least MKG level/ CFS phase 1 in at least 2 arts.

You will need your OWN gloves, padded stick, shin guards, mouth guard, head guard and groin guard- you may also want to wear protective eye wear- you may be able to borrow some equipment from others/HMA- however I doubt many will want to share groin and mouth guards- or sweaty head gear!

Once you become a Member you will receive one of our popular Warrior's circle t-shirts and a certificate- you will also be added to the Warriors wall

Warriors circle group

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