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The grappling classes at Hertfordshire Martial Arts uses some of the best systems for ground defence.

These are Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (BJJ) a martial art made famous by the Gracie familly and their very succesful use of their method in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) our instruction in BJJ is taught to us through the excellent Guro David Onuma, along with the grappling programme from the Minnesota Kali Group of Guro Rick Faye (a blend of MMA/BJJ/JKD/Kali/CSW).

You will find it an advantage to have your own eqipment & may wish to buy the following through us or elsewhere: Bag/Boxing Gloves/MMA Gloves, Focus Pads, Thai Pads, Groin Guard, Shin & Instep Guards, Gum Shield & Headguard. (Italic's are required to spar!)

Grappling is an excellent workout using all of the body and employing many chokes, locks, throws, takedowns & submissions.

This is a very important arena to train in as though it is the last place you want to be in a street fight a very high percentage of street confrontations end up on the ground.

So if you want to come along and join the crew at Hertfordshire Martial Arts then please give HMA a call on 07957156741 or email

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