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Drill Rounds

Drill rounds

If your looking for a great workout try the MKG drill rounds class this class is open all levels of fitness men or women. The drills are based on kicking, knees & elbow drills from Muay Thai (Thai Boxing).

So if your looking to work your Muay Thai skills, burn some calories, build stamina, strength, flexibility, cardio, burn off some stress, tone up etc then this is the class for you!

Before the drill rounds start, we will do skipping & then stretching, then its 20 mins of drill rounds each (5x3min rounds)

So grab your gym kit, water bottle & towel, it's time to pound the thai pads!!!!

So if you want to come along and join the crew at Hertfordshire Martial Arts then please give HMA a call on 07957156741 or email

Example Session

  • Front foot Teep, two roundhouse kicks (repeat for 3 minutes)
  • Cover hook, arm wrap and two knees (repeat for 3 minutes)
  • Rear uppercut, Hook and two elbows (repeat for 3 minutes)
  • Repeat all of the above

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