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Rick Faye

Rick Faye

MKG International - Head Instructor

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Rick Faye owns and operates the Minnesota Kali Group - a martial arts school that has been in business for almost twenty years. Rick has an impressive reputation for seminars on the arts, as well as self-defense and law enforcement topics. He is much in demand for seminars locally, nationally and internationally. He holds senior full instructorships under Guro Dan Inosanto in both the Filipino Martial Arts and the Jun Fan Martial Arts/Jeet Kune Do Concepts. He also holds a fifth level instructorship under Dan Inosanto in the Maphilindo Martial Arts. He is regional director for the Thai Boxing Association, U.S.A., and holds an instructorship in Muay Thai under Master Chai Sirisute. He has instructorships in Wing Chun, Arnis and numerous other arts.

Rick's devotion to the arts is evidenced by his belief in constant training of the basics, and an impressive attention to detail. This enthusiasm is integral to his teaching, and helps his students learn and maintain their excitement. The results of this work ethic are obvious in both his art and his teaching.

The Minnesota Kali Group has branch schools in Seattle, Washington; White Bear Lake, Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota; Wigan, Bournemouth and Exeter, England. The emphasis is on taking the art to average people and letting them use it as a personal developmental tool. His main school in Minneapolis has 150 active adult students, and a number of student instructors.

The Professional Development Division of the Minnesota Kali Group deals with law enforcement issues, and currently offers intensive two and five day edged weapon defense courses for law enforcement personnel and trainers.

Rick Faye's Experience and Certifications: Owner/Head Instructor Minnesota Kali Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota: a highly regarded international martial arts school that has been in business for 20+ years.