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Gary Hoptroff

Gary Hoptroff

Hi thank you for taking the time to read this and view my website on my club Hertfordshire Martial Arts.

Well just a little bit of background on yours truly.

I started martial arts when I was 14 years old originally doing Karate stayed with this for 2 years or so when eventually the club shut down. From Karate I moved onto Judo didn't really enjoy it to much but stuck it out as it was better then football.

I stopped doing Judo because I saw a martial arts film you may of seen it called Enter the dragon and was blown away.... now thats what I wanted to do, so motivation restored I was off!

I started training in Kickboxing, Muay Thai thought this looks pretty similliar to the movie, from my first lesson I loved it kicking pads throwing punches and meeting new people.

I eventually found out the martial art I was after was JKD however there were no JKD clubs in my area. So I started training Shaolin Kung Fu Ng Chor and then Wing Chun.

I attended a JKD seminar taught by Guro Rick Faye Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do & Kali, I don't remeber much of the seminar but I'd found what I was looking for.

From there I continued my training JKD and attended pretty much all of Guro Ricks UK Seminars eventually heading off to Minnesota for Guro Ricks annual summer camp and now try to go every year, my JKD pilgrimage if you like!

Eventually I gained my first level instructorship with Guro Rick in the arts taught at the Minnesota Kali Group USA.

I thought this is all good but needed to maintain my training in the periods between seeing Guro Rick.

This is when I first met Guro David Onuma and that was that lift off & have been a private student of Guro D and have had the best time and it just keeps getting better and better. He has expanded considerably my knowledge and ability in Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD, Filipino Martial Arts, smooth off the rough edges of my stand up game and now got me grappling doing some Brazillian Ju-jitsu & CSW.

With the help of Guro D I am now on Guro Bob Breens JKD-Kali International Instructors program, met top BJJ black belt Ricardinho Vieira and also David's friend from Canada Des a superb Kali De Leon Instructor. I have some private lessons with Des, all down to Guro D.

I have been lucky enough to train with other top JKD people these include Guro Dan Inosanto, Guro Bob Breen and Guro Terry Barnett.

I owe you, Guro D much more then I can ever repay and for that I will also strive to acheive my best & to Guro Rick many thanks for sharing your sheer knowledge of the martial arts.

In Feb 2010 I achieved a major milestone in my martial arts training career in the areas of Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu - Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Martial Arts. I was made a apprentice instructor under the amazing Guro Dan Inosanto. I have to give special thanks to three people

1) Guro David Onuma: thank you for the reccomendation to Sifu Inosanto onto his instructorship programme. I'm honoured to be able to train with you on regular basis, teach the CFS cirriculum, thank you for every thing you have done to help my martial arts ability & my martial arts academy & above all your friendship!

2) Guro Rick Faye: thank you for the reccomendation to Sifu Inosanto onto his instructorship programme, as with Guro Onuma I'm honoured to be able to train with you & thank you for fitting in my club when you are over in the UK & for you friendship & giving me the oppurtunity to teach the MKG martial arts programme.

3) To my fiancee Emma Lantaff: she has been a tower of strength, support & confidence in helping me achieve my dream of having full time martial arts gym & does all the hard work like & for looking after the Tiny Tigers. Most importantly for always being there whenever needed!

My instructorship qualifications are -

Apprentice Instructor Level 3: Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu - Jeet Kune Do (under Sifu Dan Inosanto)

Apprentice Instructor Level 3: Filipino Martial Arts (under Guro Dan Inosanto)

MKG LEVEL 2 Instructor Jun Fan Gung Fu - Jeet Kune Do (under Sifu Rick Faye)

MKG LEVEL 2 Instructor Filipino Martial Arts (under Guro Rick Faye)

MKG LEVEL 2 Instructor Thai Boxing (under Ajarn Rick Faye)

MKG LEVEL 2 Instructor Panantukan (under Guro Rick Faye)

MKG LEVEL 2 Instructor Grappling (under Guro Rick Faye)

Associate Instructor - Sifu (CFS) Jun Fan Gung Fu - Jeet Kune Do (under Sifu David Onuma)

Associate Instructor - Guro (CFS) Filipino Martial Arts (under Guro David Onuma)

Many thanks for reading & stay safe.