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David Onuma

David Onuma

Head Instructor/CFS Founder

David has been studying martial arts since 1979 and currently holds the following credentials:

JKD and FMA - A student of Guro Bob Breen for over 10 years, Black belt (3rd Degree) under Guro Bob Breen and the first and only FULL INSTRUCTOR in the Breen Instructor Group; Associate level 5 (Guro/Sifu) under Guro Dan Inosanto; Instructor in Intergrated Arts under Guro Terry Barnett (1998).

Maphilindo Silat - Guro level 2 under Guro Dan Inosanto.

Wing Chun - Instructor since 1986 (various teachers - see Arts).

BJJ - Black Belt under Ricardo Vieira & Rodrigo Cabral (Checkmat) (January 2010). David was given the nickname 'Malandro' by 9 time world champ Ricardinho Vieira. He teaches his own BJJ group but fights for Check Mat. He is a coach, competitor and now a qualified referee under the CBJJ & IBJJF

CSW - Authorised Representative Instructor under Sensei Erik Paulson

Competition Experience - Kickboxing, Kungfu and BJJ. Has won and placed at tournaments in all disciplines. Recent BJJ competiton results are as follows:

2003 - 1st london open - Blue belt - BRONZE
2005 - Copa Bittetti of BJJ - Blue belt (u85) - GOLD
2007 - Gracie Invitational - Purple (middle/masters) - SILVER
2008 - European Championships - Purple middle/senior 1) - GOLD
2009 - European Championships - Brown middle/senior 2 - GOLD
2009 - European Championships - Brown Open Class - BRONZE
2010 - European Championships - Brown middle/senior 2 - GOLD and promoted to Black Belt on the podium

Teaching Experience - David has conducted seminars in various arts all over Europe and also the USA. He has had the honour in assisting Guro Bob Breen teach seminars internationally and in October 2004 was Guro Dan Inosanto's seminar assistant at a Bud Thompson seminar in USA. He also taught a Filipino martial arts class at the Inosanto academy by invitation in his early years on the instructor program. David's students have also proved the benefits of CFS training and have placed in many competitions including Gold Medals at the British, European and World stickfighting championships; Gold in European BJJ championships and Gold in UK Grappling comps such as Grapplers showdown and the Gracie Invitational at SENI.

David's teaching skills are also sought out by celebrities having choreographed and appeared in Ian Wright's 'Hiddent talents' and taught a number of members of the cast of popular soap Eastenders.

David is the highest ranking instructor and personal student of Guro Bob Breen. He is an intergral part of the teaching program at the Bob Breen Academy, having been teaching there since 1998. He teaches regular classes and workshops there. He has gained notable success as a student, teacher, fighter and coach and is highly regarded within the European Martial Arts community